Celebrity Approved Saree Blouses Designs

Celebrity Approved Saree Blouses Designs

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With ethnic dressing evolving with the modern sensibilities of present-day women, decade-old pieces of clothing have been reprised in a slew of innovative ways. Navigating through new trends, the humble wardrobe staple, blouse, has navigated through new trends making space for versatility in not just occasional but everyday styling too.  The blouse that was once paired with traditional Indian silhouettes like sarees and lehengas is being championed even for casual settings, all while offering elegance, glamour and everlasting comfort.  Furthermore, with celebrities defining the most sought-after ways of dressing, the statement blouse is gaining even more popularity season after season. Salwar Studio's exquisite blouses are carefully crafted to stay in sync with the ever-evolving trends set by Bollywood actresses, ensuring that you can effortlessly embrace the same level of style and glamour in your own wardrobe. Here’s a lowdown on the most-popular Bollywood-inspired blouse trends:

Diva-approved sleeveless blouses are back

Alia Bhatt in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani

Alia Bhatt, known for her enchanting presence on-screen, has effortlessly revived the old-world charm of diva-esque Bollywood vibes with her sartorial choices for her character in the upcoming movie Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani. She has been spotted gracing the silver screen draped in breezy chiffon saris, beautifully complemented by sleeveless blouses in solid hues. In the trailer, Alia has captivated fashion enthusiasts with her ethereal presence, donning ombre saris paired with bustier blouses and light traditional saris accompanied by intricately Kutch embroidered blouses. Her choice of solid colours and graceful sleeveless designs evokes a sense of timeless beauty, taking inspiration from the golden era of Bollywood.


Salwar Studio's collection offers a stunning range of sleeveless blouses for those looking to capture the essence of Bollywood vibes. These blouses perfectly encapsulate the diva-like aura when paired with a sari, allowing you to exude the timeless beauty reminiscent of the golden era of Bollywood.

Bustier blouses are anything but basic

Bustier blouses have emerged as the most desired trend among millennial actresses, adding a touch of contemporary allure to their ensembles. Mehreen Pirzada showcases the modernized appeal of a floral bustier blouse. Her ensemble harmonises with billowy lehengas and saris, proving its versatility. Similarly, Kiara Advani strikes the perfect balance between dressy and casual, effortlessly donning a bralette cut blouse that exudes confidence and sophistication. Her choice of blouses showcases the adaptability of this style, allowing for a seamless transition between different occasions and settings.

Kiara Advani

Salwar Studio presents meticulously tailored bustier blouses that flatter not only your saris but also your casual looks. Whether paired with a flirty skirt or a ruffled sari, our signature bustier blouses perfectly accentuate your figure, adding a contemporary and chic touch to your ensemble.



Bring sexy back with halter neck blouses


Sara Ali Khan

Embracing the spirit of nostalgia, Bollywood actresses have showcased the timeless elegance of the classic halter neck blouse. Sara Ali Khan, a true fashion maven, paid a stunning tribute to the glamorous 60s era at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival donning a mesmerizing black and white embellished halter blouse, channelling the iconic style of that era. Another Bollywood diva, Pooja Hegde, highlighted the contemporary and cocktail-ready allure of halter neck blouses. She embraced the trend with a sequin-embellished number that radiates glamour and versatility showcasing how one can pair a halter neck blouse with saris, skirts, or high-waisted pants, resulting in a stylish and chic ensemble for different occasions.

Salwar Studio's selection of halter neck blouses strikes the perfect balance between retro and recent trends. With our impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, these blouses effortlessly enhance your style, allowing you to embrace the allure of the halter neck trend.

Transcend time and trends with deep V-neck blouses

Deep V-neck blouses have emerged as a popular choice amongst the leading ladies of Bollywood, as they effortlessly infuse saris with a glamorous edge. Katrina Kaif, known for her impeccable style, showcased a charming look that will be remembered for ages adorned in an embroidered deep V-neck blouse, perfectly complemented by a sheer sari. On the other hand, Rakul Preet became a proponent of the scalloped V cut, which highlights the versatility of deep neck blouses. With her fashion-forward approach, she has embraced the numerous possibilities of this style. This subtle yet impactful detail adds a touch of femininity and charm to her outfits, making them stand out.


Katrina Kaif

Salwar Studio offers a stunning collection of V-neck blouses for every occasion, whether you're curating a trousseau or dressing up for a formal event, our selection lines up deep-cut blouses that will effortlessly add charm and elegance to your ensemble, ensuring you make lasting impressions on any occasion.